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Sparks Electrical News April 2021 front coverSouth African company, CCG, was recently awarded the contract to supply one of the largest offshore wind farm projects currently under construction. Situated 27 km off the coast of Scotland in the North Sea, the £3 billion Seagreen project, which is a joint venture between SSE and TOTAL Energy, will have 114 wind turbines with a combined rating of at 1075 mW and will supply enough renewable energy for the equivalent of a million Scottish homes.  Bidding against strong well-known British manufacturers, CCG was selected for installation on both the offshore and onshore HVAC substations and related infrastructure based on its strong technical design and comprehensive certification of its products.

Elsewhere in the issue we look at Cables and Cable Accessories, Motor Control Centres & Motor Protection and Lighting.

ACDC Dynamics recognises employee excellence

ACDC Dynamics best performance awards are one of the most prestigious and highly anticipated announcements at the company, where leaders in their respective fields are honoured.

Beware: graphite coated cables

Aberdare Cables warns that ‘graphite coated’ and ‘anti-electrolysis’ cables are not simply standard cables with graphite spread onto the outer sheath. ‘Graphite coated’ cables are required to undergo a sheath integrity test at manufacture and are designed with material radial thicknesses specifically for that purpose. It should be noted that testing the sheath integrity at elevated voltage levels in excess of 5 kV dc on a cable not designed for that purpose will very likely cause serious damage to the cable.

Working Knowledge with Terry Mackenzie Hoy

One of the great mysteries is how the designers of data centres design what is constructed. I will give you an idea of my confusion by referring to another topic – the design of electrical reticulation for residential townships.

Selecting the correct MCCB for motor protection

The selection of the moulded case circuit breaker, MCCB, feeder circuit on a motor goes way beyond that of simply selecting a product on current rating. Smaller motors have been wired for direct on-line starting, DOL, and so the high starting current inrush will trip the MCCB during this time if not correctly chosen. There is also quite a variation on the motor characteristics between the manufacturers. This is especially so in recent times with high efficiency motors becoming highly popular.

Buyers Guide

The April 2021 Buyers’ Guide lists manufacturers and distributors of products and services in the Motors and Drives sector. Download the latest Buyers' Guide here.

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