Spazio announced the launch of its brand-new lighting catalogue in January 2020. The catalogue sees approximately 150 products added to the company’s ever-expanding range. It consists of 320 full colour pages with a number of full-page shots showcasing applications of some of the new and existing popular Spazio products.

Spazio 2020 catalogue launch

Spazio’s Interior Wall section has seen the introduction of some noteworthy wall fittings, including the Matilda down and up and down versions, available in black and white; the Pearl, Bubble, Ice and Moore LED wall fittings, with an IP44 rating, thus making them perfect for bathroom installations; the Giada and Cosmic wall fittings designed to be mounted next to a mirror and the Avico Wall, which looks stunning on top of a headboard.

The ‘Only’ colour temperature changing interior and exterior ceiling fittings promise to be a very popular addition, especially as they come with a three-hour emergency backup system as an optional extra. Then there is also the new CTC version of the Saturn Recessed (6 W, 12 W, 18 W and 24 W) and the Saturn Slim (18 W and 30 W) – the 18 W version of the Saturn Slim is available with a microwave sensor.

Track mounted spots to take note of are: Trouble with a 10 mm or 20 mm stem and Double Trouble with a 10 mm stem and the new Quartz and Heritage GU10 spots, all to be mounted on Spazio’s economical three wire track. The company is also introducing a cost-effective four wire square track for use with bigger spots, for example, the Lone PAR30, This spot, and Dolce, to name a few.

Spazio has noted a recent demand in the market for suspended linear profiles with slim and compact designs, whilst not compromising on the light output, for corporate and retail use. The Alvia and Blade are two linear profiles that fit this description very well. The Alvia is linkable and the Blade is an up and down lighter with a CRI rating of 90. In the newly launched catalogue, Spazio Lighting has also introduced a new section dedicated to solar fittings, from bollards to spots and wall mounted fittings. The company’s popular range of KTM floods now includes a 200 W and 400 W version with a lumen output of up to 10120 lumen available in 4000 K.

You will already have read about the dimmers Spazio has added to the range in a previous issue of Sparks Electrical News, but they are worth another mention. The Preset and Adjustable dimmers are very well priced and streaks ahead in terms of dimming technology and compatibility with almost every GU10 lamp on the market. The new range of GU10 lamps, including the Dim to Warm lamp, change colour temperature as they dim, all the way down to 2200 K. The Premium lamp is the best lamp on the South African market, with a CRI rating of 98 and the ability to dim down to as little as 3 %. Most of these items have already been introduced into the market and have been very well received.

Spazio Lighting expects the new catalogue to be a very handy source tool for all electrical contractors, electrical consulting engineers and architects in the construction and developmental industry.

To get your free copy of the catalogue, email or find a digital copy at

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