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With the 2016 Rio Olympic Games having come to a close, and with South Africa achieving its highest medal score since 1920, the country is applauding our many sporting heroes – most notably Caster Semenya, Chad le Clos, and of course, Wayde van Niekerk.

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Parents the world over have been touting the benefits of educational toys for decades, but a group of grown men have found a way to turn an educational toy into an educational engineering tool – while having fun. Founded by master builder Tony Graham, the South African LEGO Users Group (zaLUG) was formed to promote the brand while learning new building techniques.

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Last week’s local government elections were a pivotal point in South African politics.

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If you remember a time when you used to have to go into a bank branch to draw large amounts of cash, today’s chip-and-pin cards, Internet banking and apps like SnapScan may seem as futuristic as it gets. However, because of rampant and growing online fraud, the banks are constantly having to improve their security measures.

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The expression about an apple a day keeping the doctor away may soon change to oranges, thanks to a 16 year old South African girl.

The world has been hit by a craze called Pokémon Go. Based on Nintendo’s original Pokémon game, this mobile application allows players to join one of three global teams, search for Pokémon monsters and battle for territory using GPS.

The U.S. Space & Rocket Center (USSRC) and Honeywell recently hosted more than 200 teachers from 25 countries at the Honeywell Educators at Space Academy (HESA). Four South African teachers attended – the first time South Africans were involved in the initiative.

There used to be a time when people left school or university, found a job, and worked in that company (or perhaps two, maximum three companies) until it was time for them to retire. We know that times have changed and the job security is no longer guaranteed – and that the youth prefer to job-hop in the interests of better opportunities and better pay.

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KPMG’s annual Global CEO Outlook included a South African viewpoint for the first time this year. The report found that the next three years will be a time of unprecedented change and significance for businesses around the world – including Africa – but growth will be moderate.

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Crown Publications, one of South Africa’s largest business-to-business publishing houses, came into existence in 1986. Since then, the company has grown from producing a single magazine, Electricity SA (renamed Electricity+Control), to publishing six monthly magazines, three quarterlies, and a number of engineering handbooks.