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South Africa has a proud history of innovation. From Pratley Putty to the Kreepy Krauly, we have invented a number of tools that are being used the world over. We haven’t just limited ourselves to useful inventions however – we are equally adept at inventing deadly ones.

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40 years ago, the birth of the first human test-tube baby heralded a new hope for couples who wanted children but who had fertility problems. Today, the same technology is offering a possible solution to the extinction of animals.

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This week, the Rand has steadily improved for the first time in a long while. Based on a number of factors, including the analysts’ appraisal that the US Federal Reserve is unlikely to raise interest rates, emerging market currencies – including the Rand – are seeing steady gains.

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For the first time in 24 years, the Department of Water and Sanitation has imposed water restrictions in the area fed by the Orange River on the back of the worst drought in memory.

This week, news headlines in South Africa were dominated by one story. The story was not Pravin Gordhan’s ongoing saga with the Hawks, or the issues at state-owned enterprises. The story was about the hair policy at Pretoria Girls High School.

With the exception of architecture, it’s very rare for engineering disciplines and art to be mentioned in the same breath. Dutch artist Theo Jansen, however, has used physics to create kinetic sculptures that have become world famous.

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With the 2016 Rio Olympic Games having come to a close, and with South Africa achieving its highest medal score since 1920, the country is applauding our many sporting heroes – most notably Caster Semenya, Chad le Clos, and of course, Wayde van Niekerk.

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Parents the world over have been touting the benefits of educational toys for decades, but a group of grown men have found a way to turn an educational toy into an educational engineering tool – while having fun. Founded by master builder Tony Graham, the South African LEGO Users Group (zaLUG) was formed to promote the brand while learning new building techniques.

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Last week’s local government elections were a pivotal point in South African politics.

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Crown Publications, one of South Africa’s largest business-to-business publishing houses, came into existence in 1986. Since then, the company has grown from producing a single magazine, Electricity SA (renamed Electricity+Control), to publishing six monthly magazines, three quarterlies, and a number of engineering handbooks.