Yaskawa has developed a compact and flexible system for high-speed robot-based spot welding. The modular solution comprises a cell with positioner and two spot welding robots; particularly lightweight spot welding guns; a nut welding machine and a full range of accessories.

Yaskawa spot welding cellThe success of an idea comes from an approach that undermines tradition. Yaskawa, sure of the high quality of its products, took this approach to go beyond robots and to create a complete spot welding solution that has revamped the company’s automotive and vehicle-manufacturing offering.

Today, Yaskawa is able to design, build, install and service robot-based production cells that meet the highest standards in terms of technology and innovation. The company’s new spot welding solution is a fully integrated welding system with a positioner and onboard robots. It is available with small welding robots (MS and VS Series), Yaskawa’s light welding gun, along with jigs and a nut-welding machine.

The innovation is a holistic approach to spot welding, one that focuses on solving problems rather than supplying individually branded products.

The advantages of this modern spot welding solution for users include:

  • The compact footprint: space savings up to 40% can be achieved.
  • Full control of the solution, thanks to all of the tooling and equipment coming from a single source, ie, Yaskawa.
  • Improved accessibility to the parts being welded.
  • Easy to move: the system is on a common base making it a single moveable machine.
  • Easy to install: very little set-up time by the customer is required and there is no re-teaching requirement once the system arrives on site.
  • Easy to program with an ergonomic working position for the operator.
  • Flexible concept: The system is 100% flexible and 100% customisable.
  • The onboard robot at the front can easily load the item without interference.
  • It is faster than ever, giving savings with respect to cycle time.

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