In order to better help SMEs, farmers, industrial workshops and fabricators from large to small to succeed in the leaner economy, Afrox has added several new cost-effective products to its Afrox Industrial range and launched a new rental service for its premium Miller brand. African Fusion talks to Dewald Bodenstein, the product manager for arc equipment at Afrox.

Afrox Rental Miller XPS 4501

The Miller XPS 450 pulsed MID welding machine is now available for rental from Afrox.

The expanded Afrox Industrial range of affordable welding equipment was launched at the 2017 NAMPO Harvest Day Agricultural show in Bothaville in mid-May. “Our industrial range is a second-tier equipment range that better suits the cost pressures that everyone in our industry is currently experiencing,” says Bodenstein.

Available through the Afrox on-line shop (, co-ops, local distributors and Afrox retail outlets throughout South and southern Africa, the Industrial range has cost-effectiveness at its starting point. “Afrox Industrial equipment targets smaller fabrication and maintenance workshops and jobbing shops that typically have to cope with a variety of work in different materials. Common features of the range include their portability, ease of use and the complete packaged offering,” he tells African Fusion.

“At the Afrox stand at NAMPO this year, we launched several Afrox Industrial welding systems: two new MMA models; three new MIG models with multi-process capabilities as standard; and two TIG welding systems,” Bodenstein adds.

The newly launched Afrox industrial MMA 221S welding machine, an inverter-based 200 A, single-phase stick welder with an all-digital display, was seen as ideal for repair workshops and general industrial applications.

“These machines also include a lift TIG capability and, for stick welding, a hot-start function to make striking easier. “For enhanced safety, they also have a Volt stop feature. Until the arc ignites, this reduces the open-circuit voltage (OCV) from 60-65 V, which is dangerous, to between 10 and 14 V,” he explains.

The second MMA machine to be launched was the Afrox Industrial MMA 323 S, a 300 A, three-phase machine with a dual input voltage capability of either 380 or 525 Vac.

“Initially, we are introducing two new TIG machines, the TIG 201 P (pulsed) and the TIG 303 PU (pulsed USB), which are 200 A single-phase and 300 A three-phase machines, respectively. Both of these inverters have square-wave pulsed capabilities, while the 303 PU also has USB logging to enable welding data to be recorded and downloaded for analysis. These are high specification machines that also include digital displays and high-frequency (HF) start.

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