The Robotics Division of YASKAWA Southern Africa (YSA) is taking on the Berg & Bush Cycling Challenge from October 9 to 11, 2018.

Robotics industry takes on cycling challenge“YSA has a number of staff members that are avid cyclists, so we decided to put a team together and enter the Grindrod Bank Berg & Bush mountain bike adventure and ride for charity,” says Kurt Rosenberg, MD of YSA.

Berg & Bush takes mountain bikers from the top of the Drakensberg escarpment near Harrismith and drops down into Kwazulu-Natal, negotiating a world-famous single track through the bushveld below and into Winterton. The Great Trek is a three-day event, with riders camping along the shady banks of the Tugela river – at the Em'Seni Camp on the first night – ready to tackle the next two days of riding through an area rich in history.

“This is a proper cycling adventure!” Rosenberg exclaims.

The YSA team will comprise members from the company's Johannesburg and Durban offices as well as our Cape Town agent (Productive Engineering): Kurt Rosenberg, Sean Low, Andrew Crackett and Sean Irwin.

“Through this race and with the help of generous sponsorships from some of our valued partners, funds will be raised and donated to two non-profit organisations that we have identified: the Kitty and Puppy Haven, which rescues neglected, abused and abandoned animals; and Get up Woman, a women’s support NPO that now has over 25 000 members and a support team of therapists, counsellors and attorneys, with hopes to also include GPs, nurses and child psychologists. “Get up Woman strives to assist women to change their own lives, to become sustainable, while still holding them accountable,” explains Rosenberg.

“Finishing the ‘Great Trek is not the only goal for the YSA cycling team. At the end of this race when we feel exhausted, a bit battered and bruised, we will all be able to rest a little easier knowing that we were able to make a difference, however small, in someone’s life, be it the human or fury kind, by giving back to deserving charities that offer such selfless and compassionate support to those who cannot help themselves,” he continues.

“We will proudly be wearing our team kit, which will include the corporate logos of our sponsors: Axelent, Dale Spiral Systems, Varispeed and SKS Welding Systems.

Anyone interested in learning more about this initiative is welcome to contact Kurt Rosenberg or Brenda Herrero at YSA. or

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