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Sparks Electrical News January 2021 coverMuch has been written and said about the extraordinary year which has just drawn to a close. The world collectively faced a new set of unprecedented challenges, and at times it felt as if we were teetering on the edge of disaster. There were numerous casualties – personally and in business – and the hard times are not forecast to ease anytime soon. The South African electrical industry, however, has shown resilience through the past 12 months, and there are silver linings which can be made out through the doom and gloom if you look hard enough.

Hear what BEKA Schréder, Crabtree Electrical, the Eurolux Group, Pratley, Ledvance, K. Light, PioLED Lighting and ELDC predict for the electrical and lighting industries in the new year.

Elsewhere in the issue we look at Lightning and Surge Protection, Cables and Cable Accessories and Lighting.

Compulsory standards for Cable Gland: SANS 1213:2020

The latest SANS 0142:2020 and SANS 1213:2018 standards define cable glands as devices designed to permit the entry of armoured or flexible cable or insulated conductors into an enclosure while providing sealing and retention. They also provide other important functions such as earthing, bonding, insulation, cable guarding, strain relief or combinations of these. However, there is still a common belief in the industry that cable glands are just “fittings” and are treated as mere everyday consumables where price often takes precedence over quality and safety when it comes to their purchase and installation.

Growing product offering as Swan Electric and Switch Technique KZN unite

Switch Technique KZN has recently turned 21 and the company continues to grow. “We feel that we have reached a great level of maturity and respect in the electrical and allied markets,” says Stevan Elion who started Switch Technique KZN in 1999. “We offer a wide range of products and take pride in our slogan “The Team to Rely On” and we continue to give our customers great service and technical support.”

Leaders in cable management and structural support systems

O-line specialises in cable management and structural support systems and caters for the high demands of the industrial sectors. Its focus is on mining, petrochemical and power, and today, it serves any heavy industry including the latest addition of renewable energy. O-line’s Projects Division caters for high-volume production of quality product in a short time period to meet the rigorous schedules of blue-chip projects. The company also aims to provide design and research capabilities, the core focus being problem solving, load capabilities and advanced corrosion protection. Thirdly, and most importantly, O-line offers the ability to be involved at design stage, working closely with the client, consultants, and project houses.

BEKA Schréder wins Best Corporate Social Responsibility Award

BEKA Schréder is proud to have won the Best Corporate Social Responsibility of the Year Award at this year’s SEIFSA Awards for Excellence. BEKA Schréder was given this recognition for the work they have done in uplifting a community in one of the more impoverished areas of the country. BEKA Schréder donated 160 LED streetlights to Chintsa East in the Eastern Cape. Chintsa East, located 50 km north east of East London, is a small village with a big heart for their community. The donated streetlights are installed through the Chintsa East Location, lighting up the streets so women and children can walk around freely at night, kids can play soccer under the streetlights, and everyone feels safer. This is the first streetlight installation for Chintsa East.

Buyers Guide

The January 2021 Buyers’ Guide lists manufacturers and distributors of products and services in the Earthing, Lightning and Surge Protection sector. Download the January Buyers' Guide here.

Click here to download and read this issue in PDF format.

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