Construction Computer Software (CCS) is taking on a new identity under the moniker of RIB CCS. This is after the company’s recent partnership and 100% acquisition by software multinational RIB Software SE – an innovator in the building and construction industry.

         Andrew Skudder, CEO of Construction Computer Software.

Andrew Skudder, RIB CCS CEO, says the benefits of the partnership and rebranding are numerous, with the new identity coming as a result of new technology demands, the implementation of new thinking and working methods, and shareholder alignment on digital transformation.

“The partnership with RIB provides a wealth of opportunity for RIB CCS in the form of investment in R&D, access to new technology and innovative solutions such as the first construction industry cloud platform, new channels to market, and partnerships with other RIB companies,” he says.

“Outside of our new name and identity, we can assure customers that it is business as usual. We will continue to provide the same solutions, support and service that customers have become accustomed to, as well as providing access to new, innovative technologies that complement our own solution stack.”

The investment by RIB in CCS affirms the company’s position as a market leader in the provision of cost and enterprise management solutions to the construction and engineering industry.

“We believe the African continent will benefit greatly from our iTWO 4.0 and MTWO platform technology. The rebranding of the company to form RIB CCS is an important step in our mission to maintain our position as the international market leader for 5D BIM digital transformation in the building and infrastructure industries,” explains RIB Software SE chairman and CEO, Tom Wolf.

RIB CCS’s new visual identity is reflective of the combination of the two entities’ industry solutions, and incorporates RIB’s leading product offering, iTWO. The product is the only end-to-end 5D enterprise solution on the market. Using Big Data technology, iTWO integrates business and construction processes, allowing buildings and infrastructure to be designed virtually before physical construction begins.

Operating with the concept of ‘Running Together’, RIB CCS looks to transform the engineering and construction industry and shape the future for generations to come.

“This is an exciting new chapter in the long and prestigious history of CCS and we're determined to further cement the relationships we have with valued stakeholders under our new name and identity,” concludes Skudder.

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